“A Brand (of anything) that I go back time and again” Which will be the brands identity in the future?

Posted on May 15, 2012


Brands nowadays are so many and are also so many the brands which i go back time and again.

From my culture i can say the “Giochi Preziosi’s” Jingle into the TV ADV, Tamagotchi or the more classic but never boring Coca-Cola.

So doing a short abstract on this i can write of Coca-Cola, Facebook and Apple.

Those are brands which have done the brand history, in their recent or far past and they are going to do that in our future.

I would like to be more analytic and dig deeper on their sense.

Is incredible how some brands, are able to be used easily for brand extension as Coca-Cola, but is also a big surprise how is more difficult do this with brands as Facebook or Twitter.

The Coca-Cola identity, reminds to something which can be tasted, has a flavour, you can listen its sound.

Apple means “innovation”. The apple bited is something of an accuracy and clearness products, you can touch them, use and see.

Facebook is intangible. Lives into an Apple computer or Windows PC, Mobile, smartphone, but without them Facebook does not exhists.

The big profit, the youngest richest man in the World, does not exhist. Facebook depends from them.

Facebook aggregates people, but the perception is only into the PC?

Concerning these, it is really difficult to understand Facebook as an holistic brand.

While Coca-Cola is something which gives consumers a complete idea of senses, from sight, taste, touch, flavour and hear, Apple and Facebook are build on different kind of elements and meanings. Of course built on the innovation.

Seems like that more we are moving forward in time and more we lose the holistic brand perception.

What do I mean with this?

I mean that more we are facing the future and more we have to study, analyse and understand which is the brand identity percepted by people. By the brand customers.

To make a really close and recent example, concerning this big and careful topic, we can find a metaphoric recall to the Hunger-Games movie content.

It reminds to a temporal mirror, “played” on the 74 yrs which are linking us to the “Shoa” year.

What it is important to understand is about the in&out identity. This in&out can be seen from the death perception between the “players” of Hunger-Games and the “watchers” of this Reality Show.

The death perception is Real for Players and Unreal for Watchers. So the message is filtered by the Reality Show conception, to hide the real and make it become unreal, as a videogame.

Taking this as our point of view, so the filter existing on this situation, we should have to remove it, to give consumers always the same perception between brand (reality show and its content, the players) and clients (watchers).

That is the brand identity. Brand identity has to be seen in the same way by players and watchers, identifying “players” as the Brand owners, persons which have to make the action and give the message and “Watchers” the customers, which they have to read, codify, receive the message wanted by players. They have to “show-off” theirselves.

But nowadays, more we have technologies and new-media to communicate, more we have to face the brand identity problem.

The in&out perception is changing in each different “speaking instruments” we use.

The message has to be modified media by media, because watchers change.

The on-line communication is always more detailed and specific, so it has to send messages to different targets.

The multi-channels topic is fundamental to understand how to communicate, how to create an integrated communication strategy, between the real and on-line life.

First of all we have to find out the brand identity, searching in the deep of its history or not, concerning the company mission and so study which is the flux of messages we have to “send” to their clients.

The future gives this multi-channels opportunity to communicate, so we don’t have to waste this, but we have to find the best way to give brands the most correct and inherent way to speak.


“Facebook is blue and so it can be feel as the freedom of the sky, being in an open, huge garden with mine innovative Apple product, while i’m adding my new relaxed Facebook status. Watching the sun and the sky. Lying on this soft grass. Closing my eyes.Feeling free humans of use this, while i’m drinking a flavored and tasted, red Coca-Cola. How hot is here?”

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