Model to the Brand Identity

by Niccolo’ Berte’


“the producer creates a product, but the consumer buys a brand”




The discussion of the category of “brand” it is really wide.

The anthropologies and sociologies studies, are the key of success to understand what does brand means to people and so, which are the ways to choose the best brand to launch on each markets.

The most important part, are not only to understand what does a brand means to consumers, but how this brand “speaks” to them and which are the relationships between them.

Brand is a sign, that has a signifier; this signifier it is what it communicates and this is the way to move it into the Licensing market, as Brand Extension.

The signified it is the real product you find on the market and what it communicates to clients, that we have to use to utilize the brand in the correct market, with the correct “sign” (as styleguide), the correct signified (as licensees) and with our correct communication.


May be it’s possible that each brands can be used to each markets, the problem is, which are the correct brand for each correct market and each correct target?

We have to understand which are the consumers demand concerning the target we have choose and so find out which is the consumers needs.

The base is to “destroy” what is the nowadays “wall”, to move our self into all the brands to find the boarders and so to choose what can be used for the next consumers.

It’s nothing sure, we don’t have any Crystal Ball, but going in depth analysis of social behavior  we can have a good chance of success.

Brands are living in the World as friends, because some brands have their loyalty to certain consumers and so many times people choose products because they are done by a brand who gives to consumer quality and safe perceptions for example.

Imagine if Porsche produces totally a car who will be sell on the market with the Daihatsu brand; also if the consumer knows that the car it is done by Porsche, but it is sold by Daihatsu it gives a less perception of speed, power, safe and quality for example; instead if the car will be sell by Porsche, it is totally different.

It seems a banality but if we don’t understand that and so, we don’t understand the “banalities things”, we cannot well know what is the brand power!


These are the general strengths that a brand has to have, to be considered a good brand to be proposed to the market:

–  hit target;

–  “speak” to consumers;

–  easy to remember;

–  give emotions (be holistic).


Fig. 1.1 The brand communication

The discourse, is the cultural context who define the social boarders and create the groups; the message that you give to consumer.

It is essential to choose the correct message, because the message has to be codified from consumer in the way we want that they understand and not only in the way that we expect.

Brands are part of Sport, Art, Music and as you know the Music has different genres, and each genres has different way of living and different kind of products (from t-shirts till daypacks); so when we have to launch a property we have to identify targets (groups) to know them, to understand which are their needs and hit them.

So brand are part of social cultures and they influence the human being. Human being will codifies the brand message to choose if he feels part of it or not.

In the Fig. 1.2 Brand and Consumer find into theirselves the discourse. In this case the discourse it is not codified, because it is “over” them and it is something still not considered from them.

So there are the similar elements, called “homogeneity part” who are not still use in a complementary way with the communication done by brand.

For example if a company owns a brand and it want to give to consumers the Luxury perception, the company has to do a discourse with some elements as exclusivity, as expensive product, rare product etc, but if the communication it is done without consider the consumers perception, company risks to do it in a way who shows discourse over the consumers perception and the brand it is not considered as company wants.

In the Fig. 1.3 the discourse it is considered by our two fundamental elements. It this case the brand communication to consumer it has been done, studying and considering all elements that consumer needs.

To have the good communication with consumers the brand has to understand which is it mission and where it wants to be in the future.

Understood that, brand owner has to analyze and study which are the needs and the market requests of the target (as age, quality level, price level, etc) defined.


The consumer is now reading the discourse and so it feels part of the group considered, regarding the similar thoughts.

The brand is speaking to consumer, telling him what brand is; can happen that some consumers does not like what brand “shows” now, because they are part of similar elements but not of the discourse considered, but some others consumers are now part of it because they are feeling now part of this group and before that discourse was well know, they did not understand what brand was.

Fig. 1.4 Figures out that part who considers the Identity of a brand, who is the most important part of all this model, because giving identity to brand, it is possible to well understand which are: context, target, consumers, market, products, etc.

The Identity it is defined using the arguments wrote into this work, finding out each part of brand and consumers; from the brand mission till the consumer needs identified.

In this way the brand is now living into a its world.


This model has to be utilised to understand which is the brand World where managers can move, to choose which speech use to hit consumers, well knowing the brand mission and positioning.

In this way, in the Fig.1.4 brand identity circle (the blue area) has to have into elements of brand and consumers (mission, targets, needs, etc) that have to be communicated between themselves to keep consumers into the brand discourse.

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